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    Matt Tews got a reaction from andrewatfornax in Adserver Stopped Logging Statistics   
    This was VERY helpful!  My rv_data_intermediate_ad was similarly corrupt.  A 'repair' and the maintenance script began working again.
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    Matt Tews got a reaction from Richard Foley in Revive and Drupal sites upgraded to SSL - now HTML banners missing   
    Upgraded to 3.2.2 tonight and ads appear as they should.  I did not need to use subdomains nor mapping.
    Thank you for your help, renta.  Perhaps your fixes will help others with similar needs.
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    Matt Tews got a reaction from flo in Best Plugin To Use Pagepeel Und Other Popup Advertisment   
    Does anyone have an implementation solution for doing page peel ads with Revive?  I would like to do some house ads or PSAs (and add them into my reporting) but $350 is a bit much to spend for a non-revenue-generating plugin.  I have used Curly Pages successfully, but never quite got an OpenX/Revive solution working.
    I am using Drupal 7 and Revive 3.1.0.
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