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  1. I can't get the MaxMind Geo IP2 to work in 5.0.2 at all. I even signed up and manually downloaded. Still nothing. Anybody get this working in 2020 yet?
  2. This was VERY helpful! My rv_data_intermediate_ad was similarly corrupt. A 'repair' and the maintenance script began working again.
  3. SOLVED! Upgraded to 3.2.2 tonight and ads appear as they should. I did not need to use subdomains nor mapping. Thank you for your help, renta. Perhaps your fixes will help others with similar needs. <happy_camper>me</happy_camper>
  4. Ahhhh...I see what you are saying, renta. Let me ask you this: When you were having problems, were you not seeing ANY ads...or were you just not seeing HTML ads? If I have 8 jpg/gifs and 2 HTML ads assigned to a zone, I see the 8 image banners just fine. I NEVER see an HTML ad appear. Do you believe my problem is the same or different as yours was? Thanx!
  5. I have an interesting problem that someone here might know the answer to off the top of their heads. I have two Drupal websites that are fed Revive ads from a third site. We recently upgraded all three to SSL and - after rewriting the invocation codes - everything appeared to be running securely. That is, until I noticed that there were no HTML banners displaying. All other ads are fine. The HTML ads are all calling https:// correctly and the Zone Probability shows that they should be displaying with the others. I have implemented the raw ad codes (async/javascript/iframe) on test pages...but still no HTML ads are called...or at least none ever appear. No errors are being recorded either. Anyone run into this before? I have been scouring the code and internet looking for clues without any luck.
  6. Does anyone have an implementation solution for doing page peel ads with Revive? I would like to do some house ads or PSAs (and add them into my reporting) but $350 is a bit much to spend for a non-revenue-generating plugin. I have used Curly Pages successfully, but never quite got an OpenX/Revive solution working. I am using Drupal 7 and Revive 3.1.0. Thanks!
  7. I found it: /lib/max/language/en/default.lang.php ...I also found Waldo, Jesus and Jimmy Hoffa. [Revive Adserver v3.1.0 running on Apache, PHP 5.3.29 and MySQL 5.5.32-31.]
  8. Understood. Erik. I will take the site offline and perform maintenance at night. The fact that the database is too large to back-up leaves me with very few options. I also cannot even upgrade safely without first performing a back-up. Love the new version, btw. I did an install over the holidays and it went very smoothly. Thank you!
  9. Thank you, Erik. I believe you answered both of my question with your answer to the first question. I am ok losing all statisitcs for a deleted zone. We have some zones that have been inoperative for several years. Your initial reply had me concerned that I would lose all statictics for any banner that was ever run through that zone - including that banner's results in other zones. We have some banners that were run in the zones being considered for deletion, but they were also run in several other zones. I want to keep all the other data.
  10. My problem is related to backing up data. My tables have grown to a size where database backups are timing out. I need to trim some data, but was hoping to clear out redundant data (data_Intermediate_Ad?) or less useful data (zones that are no longer in use) before just trimming data by date. "Beginning of time" is still an interesting report to run for long-time advertisers, but it doesn't need to include zones that are not used any longer. I was thinking "data_Intermediate_Ad" was a table that was flushed during maintenance. No?
  11. Hello, Erik...hope you've been well. To confirm something...if I have Banner "A" running in zones #1, #2, and #3 and I delete zone #3, will I lose all Banner A statistics for zones #1 and #2 as well? In the same senario, if I had Banner A running in all three zones in 2007 and quit running it in Zone #3 in 2008 but kept running it in Zones #1 and #2 through 2015, if I delete zone #3, will I lose all Banner A statistics for zones #1 and #2...2008-2015? Or just for 2007? Thank you!
  12. I assume deleting a banner removes the banner stats and deleting an advertizer or a campaign would remove the advertiser or campaign stats, but does the same hold true for websites and zones? I need to cut down the database size and have some irrelevant/obsolete zones that I could trim. Thanks!
  13. Can you use wildcards to block IP ranges in /www/admin/account-settings-banner-logging.php? Something like 54.*.*.* ? Thanks!
  14. Here are some I found. Anyone care to add to the list? BlackWidow Bot mailto:craftbot@yahoo.com ChinaClaw Custo DISCo Download Demon eCatch EirGrabber EmailSiphon EmailWolf Express WebPictures ExtractorPro EyeNetIE FlashGet GetRight GetWeb! Go!Zilla Go-Ahead-Got-It GrabNet Grafula HMView HTTrack Image Stripper Image Sucker Indy Library InterGET Internet Ninja JetCar JOC Web Spider larbin libghttp LeechFTP Mass Downloader MIDown tool Missigua Mister PiX Navroad NearSite NetAnts NetSpider Net Vampire NetZIP Octopus Offline Explorer Offline Navigator PageGrabber Papa Foto pavuk pcBrowser RealDownload ReGet SiteSnagger SmartDownload SuperBot SuperHTTP Surfbot tAkeOut Teleport Pro VoidEYE Web Image Collector Web Sucker WebAuto WebCopier WebFetch WebGo IS WebLeacher WebReaper WebSauger Website eXtractor Website Quester WebStripper WebWhacker WebZIP Widow WWWOFFLE Xaldon WebSpider Zeus
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