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  1. Responsive ads would be the real deal. I hope they implement it :)
  2. Hi, i would like to know if there are any revive adserver hosting service. I mean, installed and ready to go. Do you know any?
  3. Hi andrewatfornax, it would be really nice. I think the main feature would be: - Allow async loading of banners/etc without them repeating at the same page Why it is required: - Speed reasons: content and page could be loaded faster. From my experience with other ad servers, async ad sites load faster, and that increases usability quality, higher ranks in search engines. Definitely, async loading would be my personal top feature.
  4. Hi, i would like to suggest a native Async loading feature. In my opinion, a #1 feature! It seems that is is quite demanded: http://forum.revive-adserver.com/topic/9-asynchronous-loading/ Regards
  5. I think we could ask the moderation to move this topic to the "feature request" forum as it seems to be a quite popular feature request.
  6. Totally agree. I think async loading should be a top priority for Revive Adserver.
  7. Yes that's something i definitely wouldn't mind to help if i have some spare time I plan to have some within a couple of months.
  8. I would like to know if Revive is available in different languages, or if may be translated easily. Regards
  9. +2 Asynchronous loading would be the top #1 feature for me. It would be great not to have to code it all, but be included in revive ad server.
  10. I get an infection detection error also on Avast in your site: URL: http://ads.gameqq.net/www/delivery/ajs.php?zoneid Infection: JS:Redirector-BJB [Trj]
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