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  1. Hi There, I have been using the PHP ads new platform for the last ten years through it metamorphosis to OpenX source and now Revive. In the past it fit the bill, but recently our needs have grown and we need additional features that are offered on the paid platforms. I am running an ad network with about 400 million ad views a day. The network contains several publishers that our company owns as well as additional 3rd party pubs. Some of the sites we own and operate are TNAflix.com, EMPflix.com, ImageFap.com, PornWall.com, Wankspider.com, MovieFap.com and Hulkshare.com I am looking for a full time dev that will help us build features on top of the basic Revive framework. Here are several features we are interested in creating. -Better security, seems to be the Achilles heal of Revive -POP Up Management for mobile and web platfroms -Device Management: i want to be able to serve different ads based on mobile device -Ad a custom interface for Advertisers that is more esthetic and offers better info on their campaign, including stats per GEO. -Better GEO targeting -Better Admin interface that includes more specific drill downs especially GEO. -Conversion Tracking -Group Management based on Key word, Meta info You are welcome to contact me at the follow email: Sagee@hulkshare.com Thanks, Sagee
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