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  1. i believe some of your publishers are sending bot traffic i had same problem in the past, found many users sending jingling traffic to my ads.
  2. Hi any one know the best way to block bots from sending traffic to revive adserver? Thank you
  3. Hi, i am looking for a load balancer for my network, currently i am hosting it on snoork and have lots of issues like high cpu usage even when i have low traffic, i think there is something wrong with setup also their support this year is not the best so i need to move my network, any good load balancer? thank you
  4. Any chance to add option to connect directly to Rightmedia platform, AppNexus and Pubmatic with API?
  5. what is the best way to track it? Thank you
  6. Hi i got some publishers cheating sendin traffic only using lg.php file like this image any idea to block it? this count impressions at my database but don t count at third part networks. Thank you
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