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  1. Ad Block which I forgot to pause. Quite a stupid thing, really, but it's not in the forefront of my mind.
  2. FIXED >>> Mod, please close thread thanks.
  3. Hi guys, We have a revolution slider on our new website and we wanted to monetise it. Since we're already using Revive, we thought there might be a solution.. but I'm stumbling. If you don't know how this slider works, basically you can add different elements (images, video, text, etc) to one slider, making it look like a video. It's really cool when utilised properly. You can add an external link to the slider, so when you click it, you go to their (client's) website in a new tab. Now, part of our webvertising package includes this slider, because it's a great piece of real estate to offer our merchants. The issue is that I don't know how to add this in, because the only working invocation code option open to me is the iFrame, because it doesn't like the javascript for some reason. I need to find a solution for this, because I need to measure those stats.. Help
  4. I have a question.. My plugins aren't installing either... everything is fine, but I don't have any plugins installed.. The plugins in the etc. file on the server.. Here are my questions to you: 1. What should be the permissions for this directory and it's files? 2. Should they remain zipped or should they be unzipped before upload? They are in the server.. They are zipped currently.. I do not understand why they did not install. This is driving me crazy, as I need to launch this website ASAP.
  5. Okay guys, I was setting up test campaigns, banners, etc for a website I'm developing in Drupal. I went to grab the invocation code, only to find something wrong. So I did some googling.. and found that I needed to enable a plugin... Upon looking for plugins, I found that I have NONE. No plugins installed. Can someone please help
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