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  1. Hi, I have installed Revive server on my local machine . And for testing i have created image and text banner and able to deliver on a web page. Now i need to serve the video ads as pre-roll. I am using VideoJS HTML5 player. and a plugin videojs-vastt. The plugin take VAST URL and play pre-roll ad before the main video. This is the plugin. https://github.com/theonion/videojs-vast-plugin/blob/master/example.html how can i get the vast url for the video banners/ads
  2. i am new to Revive server, installed the server on my machine, created advertisers, campaigns, banner. now need to add video plugin, to serve VAST. i have downloaded the the plugin, but in the downloaded zip there is only a .bin file, how to install it from .bin file.
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