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  1. Hi I'd really appreciate some setup guidance on the GeoIP aspect of Revive. I've reviewed and followed other similar threads on this forum but without success. As a background, I'm looking to use Revive to serve games ratings logos across the globe - different countries rate the same game in different ways, e.g. USA uses the ESRB system, (most of) Europe uses PEGI and Australia uses COB. The aim is therefore to display a localised webpage with the correct logo for that country. I'm deploying Revive on an Amazon EC2 and RDS and, through the nature of initial evaluation and deployment, have a test server and a proposed live server. I have two choices for testing; remote servers / workstations within the Amazon estate and VPN software to change by own IP address. I have enabled the MaxMind GeoIP Plugin and have specified the "Geo - Country" limitation for three test banners: one for the US, one for the UK and the other for Australia. However, I get erratic results on the delivery. Currently, the US and the UK are served correctly but Australia displays the US banner. The thing is, we have also written a simple PHP page to echo the PHP Geo server variables and these are all being reported correctly. The website displaying the logos is built on Drupal 7. I've used the Javascript and the iFrame invocation methods and the OpenX module for Drupal. There is no caching in place on either the Drupal or Revive servers. This behaviour is happening on both the test and live server; the test server is pretty much standard Revive without and further modifications, the live server has the additional Apache mod_geoip2 module installed (as per other threads). Now starting to go mad. Any pointers? Many thanks in anticipation. Ali
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