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  1. Hi there, since yesterday (I have not changed myself anything - do not know if hoster changed anything on the environment) my Revice Adserver backend does not recognize any CSS anymore - it just shows plain text without any formatting etc. Please find a screenshot here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7_t21wFqsabclJuenlRY193dVk/view?usp=sharing Backend-URL is www.hitradio.com.na/advertising/ Any idea for a solution, e.g. which file and where might suddenly be missing or so? Many thanks in advance edertch Me again. As I figured out it seems to be a browser problem (Chrome - even after deleting all Cookies etc).
  2. Hi there, sorry to bother again, but I am wondering if anyone except me is using this support forum, as I have not received a single answer to all my five questions... Cheers CT
  3. any ideas, as problem carries on... :-(
  4. Hi there, I am experiencing (now for the first time) a CTR of 1000+ % for one advertising client... only 3 impressions, however, statistics show 33 clicks :-) Any idea where that problem might come from? Cheers CT
  5. As of this morning only one zone delivers and many other (some of them delievered before) do not deliver anymore :-(
  6. Problem still exists - some zones deliver, some not... I unfortunately opened another thread regarding the problem :-( (http://forum.revive-adserver.com/topic/1241-new-banner-delivery-takes-days/) Any ideas? Cheers edertch
  7. I seem to have allocated the error. Some zones simply do not work for some odd reason. I put up two new zones for test reasons with the same banners etc. and the one zone delivers, the other one not. That is even a bigger problem, however, at least everey second zone works :-) Cheers Christian
  8. Hi there, hope this is the right sub-forum. When I ad a new banner to an existent campaign (or start a new campaign), the banner takes 2+ days to start delivering. I see the banner in the preview, but when checking the zone delivery nothing is shown. Recalculating priorities etc. does not help,. Many ideas? Many thanks edertch
  9. Sorry, I was wrong. It is not solved as some zones simply do not deliver anything. Any ideas? Thanks a lot!
  10. Could someone maybe just briefly confrm that I am actually using the correct link in the settings of the plugin? www.xyz123.com/public_html/advertising/GeoIP.dat.gz I do not get an error, so I believe it should be correct. Thanks edertch
  11. No browser issue - problems eists on different computers with an abundance of browsers in different countries.
  12. Solved - there is (although I renewed the cache) a delay of about 2 hrs...
  13. Hi there, having an issue when using more than one banner zone. The zone 1 (and 2) deliver as it should (http://hitradio.com.na/advertising/www/delivery//ajs.php?zoneid=1), but any other zone (e.g. 5 - I have a banner there for testing) does not deliver anything but fractures of a code (http://hitradio.com.na/advertising/www/delivery//ajs.php?zoneid=5). I found out that non-existent zones give out the same code, e.g. Zone 10 var OX_d32417d2 = ''; document.write(OX_d32417d2); I also set uo other zones for testing, but they all have the same issue. Any ideas? Many thanks edertch
  14. Hmm. Seems I am the only one having tht problem?! :-(
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