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  1. I tried on multiple browsers - all set to accept cookies. Including OS X Safari, Chrome, and on Windows MS Edge and Chrome. The same error on all browsers...
  2. I'm trying to upgrade to v 4.0 and keep getting this error: You need to enable cookies before you can use Revive Adserver I've tried all browsers on both Mac and Windows to no avail. Any suggestions? I've looked at all of the past issues related to this, and nothing seems to work. Alternatively, can I comment out the code in the installation process that checks for cookies?
  3. The setup process is welcome -> check -> database -> check, etc... It would check for the database and since MySQL was not installed, it wouldn't go past this. I have no interest in installing MySQL on this server. I only have essential software installed. Hopefully Revive adserver will change their install script to check for MySQL based on the database info provided in an input form (the same way WordPress does) - instead of assuming everyone will have MySQL installed on their local server. I think more and more companies are moving to modular web infrastructures. Web server, database server, etc. As a workaround, I used a config file from a previous version of Revive as a means to bypass the setup check. I figured it would be easier that changing the Revive install code to not check for locally installed MySQL. It is now up and running fine using a remote AWS RDS instance for the MySQL database.
  4. Ok... I have a feeling I know why this is happening. I'm do not have MySql installed on this server and instead planned to run the database on an AWS RDS instance. Is this possible? thanks!
  5. I'm trying to install on an nginx server. It goes to the welcome screen, click agree and then it returns to the welcome screen. It looks like it's failing on the 'check' step... Suggestions?
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