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  1. I noticed several times, that links within posts of this forum don't really link to the mentioned destination. Example: This is a link to google But if you click on this link, you are not redirected to google, but to this page here itself (meaning this thread of the forum) Is this a bug, or a (security-) feature? ;-) ok, the google-link above works, but links within these threads do not:
  2. Ah ok - I didn't see the website-selectbox on top - ok, that makes sense now. But one question: Does that mean, I can only use the website-related channels on banners that are linked to a zone of this website?
  3. When looking at the stats I get an error-message and I don't know why. Here's what I do: 1.) "Statistics" => "Websites & Zones" => click on a website => "Campaign Distribution" => click on a banner => I see a page called "Distribution history (Banner)" 2.) "Statistics" => "Websites & Zones" => click on a zone=> "Campaign Distribution" => click on a banner => an error-message is displayed: "Access denied - Your account does not have the required permissions to use this feature, you can log into another account to use it." In both cases, I try to look at the same banner. I'm not sure, if this is a bug, or if I'm doing something wrong. Please help. Thanks, Dunsti
  4. As far as I see it, the setup it quite easy: 1.) create a targeting channel (under "Inventory" => "Targeting Channels") and set up the delivery limitations you want. 2.) add a delivery limitation "Site - Channel" to a banner and select which channel should be used on this banner. (Rules "is any of", "is none of" or "is all of") But it seems, that there is something not working as intended, because I have the following problems: 1.) sometimes the list of channels to choose is just empty (when adding a "Site - Channel" Delivery Limitation to a banner) 2.) under "My Account" => "Targeting Channel Management" I get the message "There are currently no targeting channels defined", but I have defined several. Anyone an idea what could be the problem here? Best, Dunsti
  5. There is a solution to fix bad banners that break the UI: the box "actions" is still visible - only the part after the banner is not there any more. The point is, that you need to delete the banner completely and set it up again, instead of just fixing the bug in the HTML-source. Strange is also, that MS Visual Web-Developer tells, that the banners are correct. I will try creating an enhancement issue in GitHub ... if I find out how - I'm not too familiar with GitHub, yet. EDIT - I created an issue on GitHub - how do I set the label "enhancement" there?
  6. Hi all, when editing Banners, the banner is displayed above the settings. This is displayed with the JavaScript-Tag, which means that in case of HTML-Banners, the banner source code is part of the HTML of the interface. Two problems occure: 1.) If there is a style-section within the banner-sourcecode, these styles also affect the admin-interface. 2.) if there is inconsistent HTML in the banner-sourcecode (like missing or additional </div>-Tags) the admin-interface sometimes ends up unusable (because everything after the banner-preview is not displayed any more) Is there a possibility to configure how the banner-preview is implemented? At the moment we changed this directly in the adservers sourcecode to be displayed as iFrame, but we try to avoid it, if there are other possibilities. Thanks, Andreas
  7. Thanks for your answer. I'm looking forward on the developer documentation We are just working on switching to Revive Adserver from OpenX. In our current OpenX-installation, we have a few custom changes which I'm trying to develop as PlugIns, so we don't need to adjust these changes after every update. One thing for example is an additional parameter "&variables=abc" in the invocation code. --- yes sure, we could add this manually to each created invocation code, but it's just easier, if it is already there and it doesn't get forgotten. Also: is there a way to config the default invocation-code? Meaning the one that is displayed when I click on the link "invocation-code" - the default is JS-Tag, but in 99% we need the iFrame-Tag. Another thing is logging Clicks from another system, and stuff like that.
  8. Any news on this topic? I need this option as a plugin too.
  9. This could have several reasons: Is the campaign and the banner active? Do you have any Delivery Limitations? Sometimes it takes some time to see changes, because of caching of the banners.
  10. this could also be the reason: you accidently uninstalled this plugin. The Plugin is part of the original distribution of revive adserver.
  11. you can select, which invocation-codes are allowed in the settings of the invocation-code-plugin. To check this: - switch to admin-mode (Working as Administrator) - Plugins - search for "Invocation Tags Plugin" and klick on "Details" - click on "Settings" (link in last row) hope that helps Andreas
  12. Hi all, I'm trying to develop some plugins for Revive Adserver. As most of you might know, the available documentation is not very much, so every bit that can be found on the web could be helpful. I had some bookmarks to the wiki on developer.openx.org and also the first page of the plugin "Developer Toolbox" points there, but since a few days, the page is not reachable any more. Does anybody know if this is a temporary problem or if they shut down this page? Will there be an appropriate page like developer.revive-adserver.com or does a page like this already exist? best regards, Andreas
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