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  1. hi for linking need to create banner and zone size as same . example : banner width X height as 300X250 need to create zone also 300x250 , then only linked zones option is listing banners Checked your screen you created banner as 610X336 and zone as 610x366 , both are different sizes
  2. Hi, Need to enable invocation tags options in admin end then only options will appear here.
  3. Hi, Initially the datas are stored in the bucket tables , impression - rv_data_bkt_m Clicks - rv_data_bkt_c Conversion - rv_data_bkt_a
  4. Hi, Yes its available in default revive ad-server In banner delivery options you need to select Time - Day of week then select the day as Fr. The banner will be delivered only Friday.
  5. Hi, You can use prepend and append option in zones , Go to Advanced tab option in zones.
  6. Hi, Go to administrator account => click plugins menu , here all the plugins are installed by default If plugins are not installed means you can install manually , the plugins are available in "etc=>plugins" folder of your revive server.
  7. Hi, Check "Invocation Tags Plugin" is installed or not.
  8. Hi, Go to administrator account click configuration =>Product Updates. It will show the current version of your server version.
  9. Hi, go to folder etc ->plugins folder of your revive . it will contains all the default plugin. Then you login into your server go to plugins menu and install this plugins.
  10. Hi , In default revive/openx adserver didn't show invocation code for inline and overlay video ads, To get invocation code need some customization
  11. Hi , Based on priority banners will be delivered,so if you set campaign I as 3 views per session still priority will be consider to deliver the ads. may be possibility => Banner A will be delivered 3times
  12. Hi Yes, its possible to change the language as spanish in revive/openx. Go to menu My Account ->User Preferences ->Name & Language ,Here you can select your language In latest version Preferences ->User Preferences ->Name & Language Regards, Durai's
  13. Hi debug file is located in var folder of your Revive Adserver (revive/var/) Regards, Durai's
  14. Hi, find the site-source in delivery option in banners, banner is displayed if site-source is matched with the tag setting source in invocation code.(if delivery option in site-source is selected)
  15. Its possible to integrate the jwplayer with openx/revive adserver . video ads will be delivered based on vast tag integration with passing zoneids
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