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  1. Howdy - I never got a response from anyone in the group. In the meantime, I've decided to dump Revive, and go back to having our ad ops person manually insert the graphics into the email template. If the advertiser wants to track it, they'll have to give us a URL with their own tracking code. We'll probably stick to selling the email ad spaces for weekly periods only (Monday-Sunday), so we only have to go in once a week to swap out the graphics. The only thing we'll be able to give them (if they ask for it) is the number of email opens we had during the run of their campaign. This really
  2. We've used Revive to serve ads in email for several years with success - my question relates to the statistics. Anyone care to guess what percentage of impressions / clicks that Revive reports are from non-humans like Spam filters, virus scanners, firewalls, etc.? Proof: One of the ad units has had no banners assigned in well over a year, but consistently reports ad impressions at a higher quantity than the number of email opens. I'm assuming that fake impressions are recorded by Revive from spam filters before the email is even delivered to the user. Can anyone confirm this? Past
  3. We're considering Revive to replace DFP too, but DFP's forecasting is extremely accurate for us, and critical for the server we choose. Before I install and play with it, have you heard anything else on this?
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