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  1. Well I didn't go through all that, that sounds overly complicated, but I did reinstall a new one 3.0.1 today and I seem to have the same problem. The only other thing that might influence is the fact that I have no CPM set because the banners are on my own website. If you need links to the placement where the banners are displayed as well as to the dummy implementation of the adserver, let me know and Ițll send you a private message. In the meantime I also switched form shared to VPS hosting so the situation becomes even weirder (I thought it must be a server config problem the first time but what are the odds?)
  2. Is there any way I can debug this further? Also, can you give me the updated names of those cookies? From the link I was referring to in my first post, it leads me to believe that the names of the cookies have changed since OpenX became Revive AdServer. Thanks.
  3. The conversion window for the linked campaign is 5 days for View and 5 days for Click.
  4. Hey guys, So I'm reading this article http://blackriver.to/2014/01/openx-source-revive-adserver-to-debugging-conversion-trackers/ ) to debug why no conversions are showing up but I'm stuck at "cookie level". The article talks about _OXLIA and _OXLCA temporary cookies but all I have is an OAId cookie with doesn't seem to be temporary. After refreshing the banner page as well as accessing the conversion page in the same browser, nothing happens. Yes, conversions are enabled. Yes, the installation occurred without any problems No, there are no conversions in the database table whatsoever. I tried both the image and javascript tracker codes. Please advise. Thank you. Oh, I also have a cookie that might be of interest. It is called _s, it's marked as a session cookie, http only and it has a similar random number to the OAID cookie, only shorter. The other thing about this cookie is that is not marked as coming from adserver.mydomain.com but from mydomain.com directly, which is very strange because mydomain.com has nothing to do with my banner and thank you pages.
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