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  1. I was wondering if anything has been planned to update the user interface "theme"? It is pretty old now, and although it works great and looks great, the ability to more easily customize the UI would be a great feature. Using something like bootstrap as a base "theme" would make Revive mobile friendly immediately. Obviously I know that this is not a simple task. Would Revive be able to publish some additional documentation on the user interface and what parts of the UI has html/css generated by PHP? Using a open source bootstrap UI kit would streamline the process even more. Something like SB Admin would be great as a base starting point and it is free/open source. http://startbootstrap.com/sb-admin-v2 I will volunteer to contribute to this feature if that can be done.
  2. I would like the ability to do simple campaign click to conversion tracking. Essentially this would be just creating a campaign with the "creative" being only a URL. A pixel is then generated to place on the appropriate page, or possibly a post-back URL. I've tried doing this by just using the href of a campaign however it does not track properly. I assume it has something to do with the cookie not being set from the creative. Does anyone know how to accomplish this if it can already be done, or is there a plugin out there either free or commercial that can do this? If no I would like to submit as a feature request. Thanks!
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