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  1. Another useful link.. http://www.openxtips.com/2009/05/tip-13-understand-the-difference-between-requests-and-impressions/ Thanks! Aditya
  2. Useful documentation here..http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/No+Statistics... but dosen't answer the issue that I'm seeing. Thanks! Aditya
  3. Thanks! In some cases we are finding the number of requests to be smaller than number of imprerssions. Wondering how that is possbile? Any thoughts? Aditya
  4. Hi! We are using version 3.0.4 We are looking to get the number of ad calls made to the Revive ad server. In banner loggin we have checked all the 3 boxes: Log a request every time a banner is requested Log an impression every time a banner is viewed Log a click every time a viewer clicks on a banner We want to know number of requests made and number of ads served. How can we get hands on this data, especially the number of reuqests made. I have checked db tables, but nor sure where the 'number of reuqests made' is stored. Tables checked select count(*) from rv_data_raw_ad_impression , select count(*) from rv_data_raw_ad_request but both these tables have no records. Thanks! Aditya
  5. Hi! We are using Revive 3.0.4 and just saw that we were getting the following error: Sep 05 18:35:00 +0530 OX-maintenance-5409b4fc111d3 [ info] LOAD DATA INFILE / COPY failed or not supported, falling back to INSERTing data by looping over each record... What does this error mean? Is this a serious error? Please let me know. Thanks! Aditya
  6. We are using zone level tags succefully usingn HTTPS. We have installaed all ther certificates correctly. Before getting a brand new SSL cert, we first tried with test cert and used it on both mobile and desktop. On the tags side we changed everythign to SSL. Rememeber that for SSL ensure to test across browers, devices and OS to be sure. Thanks! Aditya
  7. Hi! Version 3.4 I'm interested in creating a custom report where I want to see the number of impression orginiating from a specific IP address. I tried looking up rv_data_raw_ad_impression and other data_raw tables, but there's no data in those tables. Also tried rv_data_bkt_m table, but again no data. My user has all the privalges. Should i be looking at other tables? If, yes, which tables? BTW, the data is UI is getting updated correctly. Thanks! for your help. Aditya
  8. Hi! When you generate the invocaiton code, you will see an option to pick different types of interstitials. When you select any style, you will be able to set various parameters such as when to close the interstitial, the abckgorund color and much more. Hope that helps address what you are looking for. Thanks! Aditya
  9. Hi! One of our Publishers' wants to show static banner when the ad server is not reachable for any reason such as it's down or just slow in responding. So if the banner cannot be fetched from the ad server in 5 secs, then a static banner should be shown. Is there a way to implement a solution for this? Has any one done this before? Any information you can provide will be helpful. Regards, Aditya
  10. Hi! We are using iframe tags on responsive page. What we have noticed is that when we use these iframe tags and horizontally squezed the page, the aspect ratio of the banner ad goes for a toss. The images / creative looks vertically stretched. This issue doesn't happen when we use a JS banner tag. The aspect ratio of the image is maintainted when the page is horizontally squezed. Any insights into how this issue can be solved for iframe banner ad tags? Thanks! Aditya
  11. Same issue faced by me. We are stuck on cereating VAST tag. Any information on how to cerate it will be useful. Thanks! AB
  12. HI! Guys, We are also trying to enable preroll in our revive adserver instance. But are not able to do so. We have created the banners and zones. But are stuck on the next steps. Where and how do we get the VAST ad tag? Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks! AB
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