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  1. Yes. I noticed only now that the maintenance task running anyway. You are right, the error is probably caused by concurrency. Thanks also for your suggest. I will setup a cron job. I would also signal you that in the page /www/admin/maintenance-maintenance.php there are two broken hyperlink: Anchor to "manutenzione programmata" in the text ( http://www.revive-adserver.com/docs/maintenance ) and the button Help in the up-right corner http://www.revive-adserver.com/docs/admin/settings/maintenance Thanks a lot for your reply and for the best application that you build
  2. Good Morning. I have a problem with the Automatic Maintenance Task. My debug.log reports this info message: "Automatic Maintenance Task not run: could not acquire lock" I checked the admin_account_id variable inside the application_variable table and it's coorectly setted. The mysql user used to connect to the database has the permission to LOCK tables. Could you help me to solve the problem in order to run the Automatic Maintenance Task? Thanks a lot.
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