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  1. I understand. However, I see that this is a request from years ago and many people have asked for it. So I will not wait. I also ran into other issues, like impressions and clicks not counted or counted incorrectly. So all together, my conclusion is that this software is more a toy, than a serious ad server. Stats cannot be trusted and cannot be reset, and it's missing crucial features. So I'm gonna move on. I don't wanna invest time in something that is not finished, full of bugs and simply not up to the task of serving ads in a professional way. Thanks, I'm off....
  2. Oh, I just saw that the stats are updated every hour. Is there a way to make it real time? Waiting an hour is not of this time anymore. People (inlcuding me) want to know instantly what's happening. We don't want to wait an hour :-) I saw this external plugin: https://www.reviveadservermod.com/real-time-statistics-report but hell, I'm not going to pay 80 dollars for something that is a very basic functionality. Besides, I don't even know if it will work. And I'm not going to buy it with a so called refund-policy. There are simply too many people out there who don't deliver and/or keep promises. So I prefer another way to have real time, or close to real time, statistics. Any suggestions, please?
  3. Hi, @AngryWarrior, thanks for replying. What you mean is scaling the ad size based on the window or container width, which is not exactly what I need. Sorry if I explained not well enough. What I mean with responsive is not simply resizing or scaling banners based on their container, or screensize, but actually showing a 300x250 banner on mobile and for example a 728x90 on desktop. I see no way to get this done in revive.
  4. Erik, you're telling what NOT to do. That is not very helpful. Please tell WHAT to do to clear stats for campaigns.
  5. What? Not responsive? I just installed Revive, but if it does not support responsive ads, I will remove it faster than I installed it. Any suggestions?
  6. I just installed Revive, v5.2.1, set up a first campaign, and added an Asynchronous JT tag to the site. The ad shows up, and when I click, the click goes through revive, redirects to the correct location. Impressions and clicks seem to not be counted. But sometimes after a long time, suddenly the amount of impressions and clicks appear. Where is this delay coming from? Can I change it? What could be wrong? Mike
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