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  1. Maybe, but if you mean by google, I should have got warned in the Google console and the support guys should tell me if I'm black listed ..... they keep saying like a record ..... delete that page and remove those (Revive) scripts. Any tool from Google I can run say I'm clean, 4 different support Agent with 3 escalations to 2nd level are saying I have Malicious software. Any suggestion of any other service where I can check my site reputation? Cheers, RIC
  2. Dear all, Is now more than one month I'm trying to submit a new Google Ads campaign on this website/page: https://business.niiprogetti.it/abbonamenti/#free Before everything worked perfectly (Google Ads on sites containing ). We have recently upgraded from Rel 4.x to latest release Revive Ad Server 5.2.0 on Centos. The above page, contains a link in the header and footer (probably followed by the Google Ads bot) to this other web site: https://www.niiprogetti.it/ that contains Revive scripts to show some banners: So far so good? Now Google Ads and all the people
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