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  1. Hi all, I'm getting confused about how to set up and use Preroll with Revive AdServer. I'm using JWPlayer Enterprise hosted on my website, I successfully created the ads but as I ask for the Zone Invocation Code, it says Note: Zone invocation codes are not used for Video Ads. Instead, you must include the zone in the Ad Schedule of the video player plugin configuration in your webpage. Please refer to the Video Ads Plugin User Guide for instructions. I'm kind of lost... Thank you for all your help
  2. I had to remove the <no script> part and it worked. We are having a PHP error which I will post later, but at least we can see them now too. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, experiencing some strange behaviours. I have two banner sizes 300x250 and 728x90. Using revive, they are only showing up on www.kikapress.com/news, or other pages, but not on www.kikapress.com, even if the code is the same and the source is the same. Do you know why?
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