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    Hello, How can I contact Revive adserver ? I have some problems and nobody answer to me by message ? Do you know, If I can find an email adress? or a phone number? Thank you. Julie
  2. Good morning, I have several questions about revive: - I do not find the button 'delete' anymore so I can't cancel campaigns, advertisers, ... - There are a huge difference between impressions and requests, would you have some reasons ? - Normally, we have a banner which appears on our webiste at severals places. Since a month, it appears only on the top of the website, not anymore on the others places. I can not find a reason . Could you help me ? Thank you for your help, Best regards
  3. Hello, I am using Revive for a year and, stastitics are very different from the software I was using before. Clicks statistics is lower : 0.08% now against 0.5% before. Impressions is higher so it can be one of the reason but the difference is too big, to be the only reason... Would you have an idea? (Other question, I can not find the button "cancel" on the top of the campaign, banners,... for a while but I do not know why - I changed nothing) Thank you for your help
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