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  1. Hello, I have the same question. Can anyone answer? regards,
  2. Maybe I did not explain it clear enough. I need to have working conversions in order to create CPA campaigns. Right now I am using the Revive Hosted version. Can I create CPA campaigns, track conversions on my client's landing page, and view dashboard stats with this version I have now?
  3. so how can I set the conversion tracking on Revive Adserver Hosted without being Admin, since the tab can only be seen by those who manage the dashboard as Admin?
  4. I am the only user in this account, how can I not be admin? and how do I get admin?
  5. In addiction to this, based on the Black River tutorials and the video tutorials i found on youtube I see that I am missing a tab in my dashboard, that is the "configuration" tab. I think the problem is that, please compare my screenshot from previous post with this one below and you will notice that the first one is missing the configuration tab https://ibb.co/FxRvJD8
  6. Based on the user access tab I believe I am already admin, I also have "Allow this user to manage this account's users" flagged however I don't find where to create tracking conversions I've already looked at those tutorials, but the "Global Settings" tab is missing in my dashboard so I can't set up the tracker please see the screenshot below screenshot
  7. Hi guys, I'm starting to set up Revive and to learn I decided to start with the lite hosted plan Now I need to understand how to set up the tracker for conversions because i'd like to run CPA Campaigns I have read various tutorials online, but I don't understand why in my version of Revive, the tab where I can set the tracker is probably missing can someone help me? what i need is someone to explain me how i can get to the next page which i can't find anywhere screenshot Please let me know, Kind regards
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