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  1. On this page https://www.revive-adserver.com/faq/geotargeting-with-revive-adserver/ the first sentence says "Revive Adserver offers full support for geotargeting" that's a lie. You guys don't even respond to your contact form. Totally frustrated with your paid hosting version. The question we've been asking is how to target in Canada using postal code. Just does not work and we've been trying to enter it in every which way you can think of. Would be great if someone responded before we cancel with you guys! Thanks.
  2. We're using the subscription version here on revive-adserver.com and trying to target delivery options by postal code (we're in Canada). In banners I go to Delivery Options -->Add delivery rule:-->Geo - US/Canada Postal Code-->is equal to--> and then I've tried adding in the following and neither has worked: V2W1Z6,T2P0Z3 V2W 1Z6, T2P 0Z3 Can't seem to find a tutorial on it either. Any help?
  3. I see the settings for GEO targeting ads by city and postal code but it's not working for us. I'm guessing there's probably more I need to do for installation. How do I get it to work? Can someone point me in the right direction please?
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