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  1. Hello, we have a very simple setup for our Revive Ad Server. It is Revive 4.1.4 as we currently are unable to get off PHP 5. It is delivering Ads to one website. Each page on the website has up to three zones on a page maximum and all campaigns are remnant campaigns. We wanted a banner to go when place when clicked if on mobile as opposed to a different place when a desktop user clicks the banner. It seemed the simplest way to get the desired result was to add the banner once as "Mobile" with one link as the target when clicked and the second time as "Desktop" with the other link for when it is clicked. Then we would just add the appropriate Delivery Rules to "Only show this banner when" for each one. The issue is that no matter what I have as rules, the mobile version of the banner is the only one shown on desktop or mobile. I have tried changing the invocation code to javascript rather than async but that didn't help either. Here are the rules below. I added the REGEX one while testing as a last ditch effort to get it working. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Mobile Banner Delivery Rules Desktop Banner Delivery Rules
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