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  1. Come on: I have an account at Outbrain, responsible for displaying NATIVE footer ads. They have a panel where I track everything. But I want to use my own AdServer dashboard to compare Impressions and clicks with their dashboard ok? Their banner display with a direct tag on the site, or even with REVIVE, I take their tag and put it as HTML TAG here in Revive and display normally, but in REVIVE reports shows no clicks, only Impressions! Do you have any specific settings so that I can track third party tags? Do you have any preference settings in Revive that I should move? grateful f
  2. Hi, I'm Brazilian and I just got to know Revive AdServer, I already installed it and it works normally banner delivery and impression statistics, but clicks do not count which setting should I use to do the accounting? I'm using a third-party tag from Outbrain native ads, I get Outbrain code and I play on Adserver normal banner display, I use HTML Banner function but don't count clicks, what should I do? help me please ! Urgent!
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