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  1. Thanks. I get that there will be no security fixes if there are vulnerabilities - is there any way to check specific versions for known security vulnerabilities? I'd like to stay on the 4.2 series if possible.
  2. Still hopeful, bump. Maybe just a yes/no? Is it safe to stay on this version?
  3. Do you guys still support Revive Adserver?
  4. Bump, any plans or is it "we'll see what happens"?
  5. Hi, If we don't need the features in 5.0 (and therefore the bug fixes in 5.0.1/.2), is (at this time) 4.2.1 suitable for long-term use? i.e. (a) are there any known major bugs/security issues with it & (b) are there (LTS) plans to patch ones if they occur (At least security)? Thank you.
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