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  1. @Rich Y I have encountered the same hiccup with 'reviveMaxMindGeoIP2' as well. Revive is looking for '/plugins/etc/openXMaxMindGeoIP.xml' which does not exist so I can't disable, update, or uninstall it. However when I view /etc/plugins/ I see 'reviveMaxMindGeoIP2.xml' in the folder, so maybe it is installed?
  2. Thanks for this documentation @andrewatfornax - I was able to address this issue on my end. Was related to my plugins issue: https://forum.revive-adserver.com/topic/5683-upgrade-error-unable-to-locate-one-or-more-plugin-files/?tab=comments#comment-14335
  3. According to the server, these plugins are INSTALLED. I found this documentation and did as instructed, and it WORKED: https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Plugins+Incorrectly+Upgraded The key here was to IMPORT CODE ONLY. Only remaining plugin not firing it openXMaxMindGeoIP The new .zip file is named 'reviveMaxMindGeoIP2.zip' and all the files in it have a 2 as well. I tried installing that and it won't take. I tried upgrading the legacy plugin - no beans. Off to more research. Will report back shortly (hopefully).
  4. As it turns out, it looks like my plugins, while enabled, are failing... Failed to find package definition file /home/acn/public_html/ads/plugins/etc/openXVideoAds.xmlFailed to find package definition file /home/acn/public_html/ads/plugins/etc/openXDeliveryLog.xmlFailed to find package definition file /home/acn/public_html/ads/plugins/etc/openXInvocationTags.xmlFailed to find package definition file /home/acn/public_html/ads/plugins/etc/openXMaxMindGeoIP.xmlFailed to find package definition file /home/acn/public_html/ads/plugins/etc/openXDeliveryCacheStore.xmlFailed to find package defini
  5. Yes @andrewatfornax what you stated is how the upgrade process occurred. Now the only issue I am experiencing on the latest version is that I can not obtain the Invocation Code: Just discovered that statistics are not tracking since the upgrade. Got to wonder if this is related or not?? Guess it's time to do some additional research. Banners are appearing on the sites. I can confirm this.
  6. @andrewatfornax we had updated from PHP v5.4. I was able to resolve the issue by upgrading to the latest version of Revive, which led to this plugin issue which I was able to resolve. Now that we are on the lest version of Revive, everything is up and running, except I am not able to obtain the Invocation Code. See this thread:
  7. Recently updated to Revive 5.0.5 and when I attempt to obtain the Invocation Code for my Zones, the drop down menu is empty, thus making it impossible to obtain the code. Not sure what is causing this to occur. Any ideas. greatly appreciate.
  8. Got a positive update here. In the upgrade instructions in the Section 2 of Performing the Upgrade - Running the Update Wizard, is this paragraph... After the database changes have been completed, the upgrade wizard will display the folder path of the ‘old’ copy of the ad server. Since we’re actually working in a temporary folder, this should in fact be the folder path of the current, live version of the system. Check and confirm that the path is correct. In some cases, the path might not be pre-filled. In that case, make sure to paste in the full absolute path of your current version. If
  9. According to these upgrade instructions, which appear to be a few years old... The upgrade wizard will now find out which plugins are installed in the current version and then install the same set of plugins in the new version. During this step, it will even check if there are any new versions of any of the plugins and if so, it will install those instead of the older versions. Some plugins will actually create or update tables for their own use.
  10. This is what I would speculate as well. I am attempting to update to 5.0.5 and experiencing the same situation. Where is the path set? In the config file? The new plugins folder is blank, as would be expected. The existing plugins folder has plugins. Maybe they just need to be copied into the new plugins folder? Or do they too need to go through an installation?
  11. Found this article: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8225198/phpmyadmin-the-mysql-extension-is-missing 'extension=mysql.so' was not in my php.ini file so I added it. No beans.
  12. We just updated to PHP 7.3 and now I am getting the follow error upon attempting to load our ad server: https://ads.autoconversion.net/ A fatal error occurred Revive Adserver can't connect to the database. Because of this it isn't possible to use the administrator interface. The delivery of banners might also be affected. Possible reasons for the problem are: <ul> <li>The database server isn't functioning at the moment</li> <li>The location of the database server has changed</li> <li>The username or password used to contact the database server ar
  13. Hi. This is my first post to the forums, however I've been using Revive for years. I am interested in displaying banners from the ad server in my emails from Mailchimp. I have created the Zone on Revive and specified Email / Newsletter zone type. However, when I attempt to add a campaign top that zone, the zone is not listed as an option. The zone does appear however when I change the zone type to Banner, Button or Rectangle. Not clear on why this would be. Any ides would be helpful. Thanks.
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