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  1. Many thanks for your reply. @firstimpression Can I be in contact with you later in the month for more information? Or can you do that if the "Job" is handed over to you? Regards,
  2. Hi, Ip hopw you are all doing well. I have an issue, I have inserted a video ad. It is running fine. But it is not showing in the statistics. No impressions at all. As you can see in the following image, it is showing the completed times, it has been completed 37 times but never shows in the statistics. Can anyone guide me what i am doing wrong? https://imgur.com/CbO0KHI Please do reply
  3. Many thanks Can this be made? like custom development or something?
  4. Hello All, I hope you are doing great. I have a strange query. I have multiple server located in different places serving a single video on demand website (which streams the videos locally - not from internet). What I want to know is, is there a Master/Slave server configuration. Explanation: I have a master revive installed on the cloud. I set my campaign on the cloud and when my remote servers get the campaigns from the master server when they get internet. (lets forget the video files for a moment) My distant/remote servers will have Revive installed and will serve the ads locally and store the stats locally. But when those servers get internet, they sync their stats to the server I have on the cloud. Any possibility on that ? OR can anyone propose some other solution? Regards,
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