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  1. Yes I'm aware, but the documentation claims that for XML-RPC banners, a request will count as an impression and this is not correct. Requests are also not taken into account for CTR calculations, which is an issue in my case. I checked the source and added the impressions to it. Happy to share the change if you feel that's relevant.

  2. Hi,

    I've switched to using XML-RPC delivered banners to avoid some ad-blockers, and this is working great. On the server I see a much higher number of requests now and I see them being delivered in the front-end as well. The impressions count in the statistics report has not changed though as the tracking beacon is still blocked for visitors with an ad-blocker. Is there a way to count the number of 'backend requests' instead of relying on the tracking beacon for this zone?

    According to the documentation:

    > When using an Image Tag, No Cookie Image Tag or XML-RPC Tag, Revive Adserver will also log the impression at this point, as there is no other way for these tags to record impressions

    However, I'm not sure this is working as described.

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