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  1. I'm pretty new to running ads. I have a little experience with a few ad networks, but I think I can do better on my own. But what is the best way to get in contact touch with advertisers? And how do you guys go about receiving payments? I guess the simplest is a bank transfer, and I am sure that my accountant would prefer that. Payment via PayPal could also be an option. Any other ideas?
  2. BTW my installation details: Revive Adserver v4.1.4 running on Apache 2.4.18 PHP 7.2.3-1 MySQL 5.7.23 I had to disable output from errHandler() in /lib/max/ErrorHandler.php because it was outputting all sorts of errors to the screen (overriding my php.ini settings).
  3. Hi My Revive Ad Server installation has been running fine for months, but suddenly today ad delivery was not working. After some investigation it turns out there are no plugins installed (the plugins section in admin is completely empty), so I tried to follow this guide to reinstall the plugins. However when I try to install a plugin I get this error: Failed to find package definition file /var/www/banner.anon.com/docs/var/www/banner.anon.com/docs/var/tmpopenX3rdPartyServers.xml.xml Failed to parse the plugin definition openX3rdPartyServers.xml The uploaded file did not pass security check The uploaded file openX3rdPartyServers.zip was not unpacked Looking at the first line in the error message the path looks like it is duplicated, but I'm not sure if that is related to the problem. Also I'm not able to locate tmpopenX3rdPartyServers.xml anywhere.
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