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  1. Thank you all for answering. Maintenance is running via cron only: ... and unfortunately scheduled banners with delivery options are not delivered as expected ...
  2. Thank you for answering. I allready did a restart and I also copied the whole account and imported the database, but behaviour is the same ...
  3. ... still hoping that there is someone who can help me ...
  4. So ... now, I can describe a bit more the circumstances I have this campaign: fw Inside this campaign there are two banners. Linked to the zone, are these two banners and one banner from a different, remnant campaign: One banner is without delivery rule, and one has a rule that is valid: So ... both banners should be displayed, but they dont ... and in debug-log I have this error every time maintenance is running: Mar 21 09:02:08 +0000 OX-maintenance-5c93530fdb149 [ error] Unable to obtain database-level lock, not running MPE
  5. Unfortunately it is not mentioned. I guess, it is one of the tables that is needed maintening the priority engine ... I just have the log from the first post ... or ist there a different place where I can gather more information?
  6. Hi there, I have a problem with new campains not showing. I enabled debugLog and it says: Mar 19 11:45:08 +0000 OX-maintenance-5c90d64468913 [ info] Running Maintenance Priority Engine on line 59 of "/html/openx/lib/OA/Maintenance/Priority.php" on line 34 of "/html/openx/www/admin/run-mpe.php" Mar 19 11:45:09 +0000 OX-maintenance-5c90d64468913 [ error] Unable to obtain database-level lock, not running MPE on line 79 of "/html/openx/lib/OA/Mainte
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