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  1. Hi Andrew, Thanks for providing detailed troubleshooting guide. I went through the guide and checked it thoroughly. We do not have any delivery options or any delivery capping for these contract campaigns. I doubled checked the total impressions we get in a day are around 850,000 and out of that around 650,000 impressions are going to remanent campaigns. One point I want to add is that traffic on the site is mainly between morning 9 to evening 6. After 6 in the evening traffic drops drastically. So around 500,000 impressions on the site comes between morning 9 to evening 6. Is there any impact on delivery because of such traffic? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have created 2 contract campaigns on one ad zone with daily limit of impressions per day. So the 1st contract campaign is created to deliver 300,000 impressions per day with priority as 10. 2nd contract campaign is created with 100,000 impressions per day with priority as 10. I have also created 2 remanent campaigns for the same zone. We receive total 850,000 impressions per day for the zone. Now the contract campaigns are underdelivering by 50%. 1st contract campaign gets only 150,000 impressions per day and 2nd contract campaign gets around 50,000 impressions per day. When I check probability of the zone it shows 1st contract campaign around 16% and 2nd contract campaign around 5.47 %. Which according to 850,000 impressions per day comes to the delivered impressions of around 150,000 (16%) for 1st campaign and 50,000 (5%) for 2nd campaign. The scheduled maintenance also running every 1 hour properly. Checked the debug.log and there are no errors in it. Am I missing something.
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