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  1. I have set up the ads on a new site. Last year they worked fine and this year now they are not working. I am using 4.1.4 here is a link to the page were they should be displaying. https://www.eventscribe.com/2020/AAE20/ if I look in the code the invocation code is there all the banners are showing linked properly and everything is turned on. I am using remnant for this campaign.
  2. Hello, So we are running our own ad server on our own host account. I was able to log in last week to change some ad's now using the same log in info it tells me wrong log in. I hit the email password request and I am not getting an email. Is there a way to reset the username and password via the database like wordpress does? Any help would be welcome. Thank you
  3. Hello, I have two zones on my website. I have to advertisers. Each advertiser gets both zones so the banners rotate. One zone everything works fine both banners are working. The other zone I keep getting an error that only the parent advertiser is allowed. The issue is both zones are set up the same way and so are the advertisers. Has anyone had this issue and does anyone know of a fix?
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