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  1. Hi, anyone know what is the reason for this? In my case at 11pm all contract campaigns goes to 0,0 probability. In the morning it is ok again.
  2. Hi. Tested now again to change it to Override and after several maintenance, campaign continued to delivery although it shouldn't. But if I create new Override campaign with time-hour delivery rule it is working fine. So it's just in case of changing contract type.
  3. Hi. I have contract campaign with delivery rule of timing 12:00 - 24:00. It was underdelivering (low probability) so I changed it to Override temporarily at 10:00. But what happened is that it instantly started serving ads when it shouldnt till 12:00. But it was working fine for contract campaign, when changed to Override then it happened. Anyone noticed this or similar bug?
  4. Sorry to interrupt, I have similar case, underdelivery in the first day of campaign. My understanding is that based on inventory, probability % was calculated but then banners were excluded because of targetings (capping & site-variables) which is fine. But, my questions is, will Adserver increase probability in the next days, as learned from first day that initially calculated probability % was too low?
  5. Exactly, Video Ad Pod looks good. So, any plugin out there for Revive available?
  6. Hi there I have a question if it's possible to serve multiple videos in one request. So, one zone but serve 3-4 (or even more) videos at once - as a sequence. Client implementation (player) is not a problem, just whether Adserver is able to do it out of the box.
  7. Hi there I have a question on how to set up a campaign properly. My inventory is defined as: - zone 1 - zone 2 - zone 3 - zone 4 I want to set up campaign with following details: - campaign frequency cap: 1/user/day - total impression goal: 1mio (400k zone 1, 300k zone2, 200k zone3, 100k zone4) I have several ideas how to do it but all options fail. Option A: Seperate campaign for each zone. Impression goals can be set up, but frequency cap (campaign f.cap) doesn't work ok, as I want overall frequency cap. I want to achieve that if you see banner on Zone 1, then you don't see it on Zone 2, etc.. Option B: One campaign for all zones. Frequency cap will be working fine, but it's impossible to set up seperate goal on zones. It's possible to define seperate banners and each banner targeting its own zone, but then again, can't set up impression goal on banners. Would banner weight help in this case? I'm afraid not, as each banner is targeting different zone, so it's different inventory. Or? Please help, is it possible to do it? Something like "Advertiser frequency cap" would also work, but that doesn't exist.
  8. I am on Amazon RDS (Aurora Serverless type) but it is a bottleneck I believe. 200k req per secod, I don't think Aurora Serverless can handle that. Mysql clusters could maybe work. I am also thinking about writing the code to temporarily store impressions on delivery engines (in memcache or disk or similar) and then do a bulk transfer to revive database (to table rv_data_bkt_m) once every few mins maybe. Do you think that's good idea? Anyone tried it already maybe?
  9. Hi again. I have managed to do a setup consisting of distributed (multiple) delivery engines, seperate admin and seperate database. Maintenance works fine, delivery works fine as well. If I shut down admin engine, delivery still works, which is okay. But, if I shutdown database, delivery doesn't work anymore, even if the cache is already created on delivery engines. Digging into the issue I found that 'Banner Impression Logging Plugin' connects and writes an impression every time when ad is delivered (through avw.php). It updates table rv_data_bk_m every time. And that means that I still have single point of failure which I can not scale. So, is there any option (or any other plugin) that temporarily stores impressions into the local storage or something, and then updates database every X minutes in example?
  10. Oh, now that sounds even simplier. Thanks a lot for your help. I'm going to try to establish a demo setup now. Just one more question, will delivery engines connect to database for every ad request? That means that database still needs to be highly scalable, I guess.
  11. Thanks, that makes sense. I just don't get exactly, how will delivery engines create cached delivery rules based on the maintenance made every hour. How they communicate with main database? So, my plan is now to: - install admin instance & database through init.php - install delivery engines through init-delivery.php - put load balancer in front of delivery engines & enable sticky sessions - set up hourly maintenance on main-admin instance Did I get the idea right?
  12. That sounds easy then. And how's with timing of execution of maintenance on delivery servers in this time? all at the same time (example: 1 min after full hour) or one after another?
  13. Thanks for the answer. I understand that documentation is lacking - is there any at all? If I'm right, the concept is still 1 database, multiple delivery machines, distributed maintenance. And seperate CDN for creatives delivery. Or, is there any other major component to consider?
  14. Hi there I've read few threads about scaling and distributed maintenance but they are all pretty old now. What's the current status - what's possible? We would like to set up a horizontally scaled Revive adserver cluster, that would be able to serve up to 100k (or even 200k in the future) requests per second. On AWS. Would that be doable, you think?
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