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  1. Hi, Andrew - thanks for your reply and info. So, am I correct in assuming that all I would need to do is set ad A2 to NOT show to the UK? In short, I'm trying to replicate my existing adserver's set-up where a country-specific banner/ad is displayed to approx 10 different countries (each country having its own banner). Visitors from all other countries never see these banners and instead see a default ad, which I have set to NOT SHOW to the 10 countries that already have their own ads. I'm sure it's easily done and I'm making hard work of things.
  2. Hi, all. I'm a new revive user/poster so please excuse me if I've posted this in the wrong place. I've been using the paid hosted service of another adserver for some time. They have excellent geo detection but the banner delivery has become sluggish so we need an alternative. Someone recommended revive and I initially planned to use the paid hosted route but decided to install and host ourselves. So far, so spiffing. I've 'switched on' the geo-targeting facility in admin mode but I'm having trouble with our geo-targeting tests, seeing the wrong banner displayed for countries. Before I elaborate further, could I please ask this question? Say I create two banners (Ad1 and Ad2) for one zone. Ad1 is instructed to appear only to UK visitors. Ad2 is not given any geo instructions at all. Will Ad2 appear (rotate) along with Ad1 for UK visitors? I asked another revive user this question and got this answer, "Yes although you may seer Ad 1 appear slightly more as there is a Declared association" - which isn't ideal for me if correct. Is he correct? TIA to anyone who can help. So far, I'm very impressed with revive - it's clearly a big step up from the system I've been using, just gotta get the geo-targeting sorted and I'll be good to go!
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