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  1. Hello, I invoke one zone (A) : <ins data-revive-zoneid="18" data-revive-id="b20b206924b4d8868d57d92e7fa03478"></ins> and few times the other zone (with one connection banner) (B): <ins data-revive-zoneid="6" data-revive-id="b20b206924b4d8868d57d92e7fa03478"></ins> And normally I can see my banner on all "B" zones. But when I add attributes data-revive-block="1" to the A zone or to any of B zones, banner appears only in first of B zones. Advertiser don`t have checked "Display only one banner from this advertiser on a web page" option. I don`t find any additional information in faq or documentation about blocking displaying advert many times on one page. For me, it looks like bug. But maybe this is some bad configuration, or it should works in this way. I have proper server configuration, and the latest version of the Revive. I check forum and bug issue and i don`t find any similar topics. Please help :) PS. Sorry for my English but i`m not a native speaker. :)
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