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  1. Dear, As I'm new to this forum (and to revive adserver), I do apologise if this question is not posted in the right section of the forum. My question is a bit hybrid (technical/configuration maybe), I was wandering if it is possible to add attributes to the generated iframe tags? My ads are presented to my clients with the help of javascript, which behind the scenes is going to create an iframe,... you know the drill. The HTML banners that are currently under development require an access to the usermedia, yet this isn't allowed anymore without certain attributes. One must specify the allow-attribute on the iframe tag(https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=182638#c8), yet I couldn't find any information about adding attributes to generated tags in the documentation. <iframe allow="geolocation; microphone; camera; midi; encrypted-media;" ></iframe> So my question is rather simple, is it possible to add or modify attributes on a generated tag. I know I could simply generate an iframe tag and perform the modifications myself, yet some of my clients require the advert to be delivered under the form of a javascript. Thank you in advance. Joey
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