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    AngryWarrior got a reaction from remy_php in How To Serve Responsive Ads?   
    Yeah looking for this too!
    This should really be something that is implemented into Revive Ad server with responsive ads.  I hope the developers are considering this... 
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    AngryWarrior got a reaction from remy_php in Responsive banner/campaign sizes   
    Revive devs!
    Please allow us to use have an option for response ads option in the drop-downs of campaigns/banners. 👍
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    AngryWarrior got a reaction from remy_php in Setup responsive banners manually?   
    Until the moment that revive supports responsive ads for both mobile and pc natively, I need to find a way to do it manually.
    I found this old thread on the subject:
    But I am quite uncertain on how to do it and do it properly. It seems that the suggestions are quite old and not working any more?
    So my question is if someone could be so kind and please outline a shorter "tutorial" how to do this the proper way please that works well with the current version of Revive?
    If I understand this correctly I need to create 2 zone & banner versions?
    One for PC Webbrowser sizes One for Mobile Browser sizes Anyways; any help in the right direction would be very appreciated.
    Kind regards
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    AngryWarrior got a reaction from andrewatfornax in Zone Invocation Options Drop-down   
    Thank you Andre. 👍
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