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  1. Thanks, andrewatfornax, I tested this schema: three servers via the load balancer and generating $etag in one place for all revive instances and this works for me.
  2. Sorry andrewatfornax can you explain more details how its works ( spread the load of that one installation across three servers.)? Do you mean HTTP Accelerator (Caching Reverse Proxy) or something different? Thank you.
  3. Hmm, I don’t understand how I can set up same FQDN for the few instances in the LB Pool? FQDN (subdomain + domain name) should be have unique name for each instance, not? Maybe we can set up “data-revive-id” us hardcode same in all instances in the LB Pool? I mean in the /production/adsrv/web/www/delivery/asyncjs.php use "...$eta='hard_coded_string.'..." instead a "$etag = md5("{$conf['webpath']['delivery']}*{$conf['webpath']['deliverySSL']}");"
  4. Hello, Question regarding data-revive-id (Asynchronous JS Tag). How handle this case if we used Load Balancing with three revive instances with three different sub-domain names? I mean publisher have one of Asynchronous JS Tag with one data-revive-id but load balancer send request to one of this instance that have a different data-revive-id. Is its possible set one data-revive-id for all revive instances in load balancer pool? Or available other options for resolving this problem? Regards, Vitali
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