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  1. Up. Help needed please. Nobody have changed the ads statistics email sent to advertisers?
  2. Hello, I'm new to Revive too but it's very easy to use and works fine out of the box. I just follow the documentation. How it works for me: First I create a Website with different Zones, then create Advertisers, Campaigns (Remnant only with date limit) and Banners, in this order. Then assign Banners to a Zone. I don't create any Delivery Rules or Limit. In Zone, in Invocation Code tab select Asynchronous JS Tag to see the code. Hope it helps.
  3. Hi, I'm new with Revive AdServer, but I'm used it since 2 months and it suits me perfectly for my business. I want to customize the (very ugly) emails sent to advertisers (ads statistics), unfortunately I can't find the option in the back office, or which file to modify. I didn't find either in official help. Someone can help me? Marco
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