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  1. >What version of Revive Adserver? v4.1.4 >What type of campaign, what types and sized of banners are in the campaign? Remnant campaigns with dynamic HTML-banners with no specific size (0x0) >What type of zone? What size? Custom zones with * entered as size (*x*).
  2. I want to link a campaign with zones, but when I select a campaign and click on "Linked zones" the box "Available Zones" is empty. I do have zones defined and it is no problem to link them on the banner-level. What might be wrong? How do zones show up to link them with my campaigns.
  3. I found the solution - and the option 😀 Just disable the option "This banner can be safely displayed inside an iframe (e.g. is not expandable)" at the banner-settings. If this is disabled, the js-code is delivered without an iframe wrapped around. It's that easy!
  4. But on the other hand: The code must be delivered from somewhere. So as a hack you could just eliminate the iframe from that code. Does anybody know, which file I have to edit?
  5. Hello, right now, we use JavaScript to deliver our ads, but Pagespeed does not like the Revive-JS-scripts, because they are slowing down the website. So we'd love to switch to async delivery. But async always wraps an iframe around the ad and we mostly have HTML-Ads with different sizes and our ads make use of the general CSS of the website. All this brings problems, when the ad is placed inside an iframe (fixed size, no access to CSS outside frame.) Is there a way to deliver the ad-code with async directly into the page without an iframe wraped around? Greetings
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