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  1. I'm installing revive adserver on my Macbook pro and my ubuntu server, on my Macbook pro I use mysql server, php7.1 and apache, on my Ubuntu Server I use apache2, php5.6 and MariaDB10. On both computer, I emcountered a same question in the second step of install: Database. It's told that the problem is: Installation failed to create the core tables, as shown in below picture. I found the error log like this in the var/debug.log: Native message: Index column size too large. The maximum column size is 767 bytes. And other rows are saying inability to drop table like this: Jul 20 17:02:16 +0800 OX-5b51a51815681 [ error] Unable to drop table rv_xxxxxx. I have googled it and changed my database encode to traditional utf8, but it don' work. I also used InoDB and changed its max lenth to 3072, but it seems also not work. Thanks very much if anyone can give me some help, and just ignore my poor English.
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