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  1. andrewatfornax,


    I just came by to say that with the most recent version of Revive (3.1.0), this issue has been completely resolved. Thank you very much for addressing this very important issue. Here are some sample values:


    Amount Configured - Amount Delivered

    130.000 - 129.853
    505.000 - 504.215
    170.000 - 169.610
    135.000 - 134.619
    135.000 - 134.994
    Thank you very much for your outstanding work. Please let me know if there is any way we can donate money to you project.

  2. There are two steps involved.


    Login to the admin control panel.


    Step 1: Create the user


    Click on Inventory > User access


    Click on Actions > Add user


    Fill the form


    This will create the new user (i.e., your advertiser login credentials)


    Step 2: Grant the user access to the advertiser data


    Now you need to give this user access to his campaign. For this, go to:


    Advertisers > Select the advertiser > Click on the User access tab


    Click on Actions > Add user


    Add the username you created on the previous step.


    Fill out the form and click on "Add User"

  3. Hi,


    Here we have a configuration similar to this:


    [Revive] -> RTB network 1 -> RTB network 2 -> Google AdSense


    Note: RTB networks allow you to configure a "pass-back" tag, which will direct the user to the next network down the line if there is no ad to be displayed there.


    I wanted, after the second RTB network, to come back to Revive so I could rotate/configure banners. Something like:


    [Revive] -> RTB network 2 -> RTB network 2 -> [Revive, rotating banner a, banner b, banner c, etc.]


    So my question really is how to generate a tag to configure on RTB network 2 that would direct that network back to Revive, so I can have full control over that tag, i.e. what is displayed after RTB network 2.


    Thanks in advance,


  4. andrewatfornax, your tip actually works (End place tags & position with CSS). The problem is how to guess the positioning if we don't know the user's resolution, etc. I am playing with it right now, I am sure it must have an easy solution for that. Thanks.


    I am figuring out that the problem is not with Revive itself, but with RTB ad networks that have a huge lag loading the banner, so everything is stuck until the banner is load. So, I don't think "fixing" Revive's code will fix this, as the issue is with the ad network code/banner loading... :/

  5. Hi gorman,


    Thanks for the code. The problem is that it doesn't work with ad networks, at least with the ones I am using. They detect we are trying to load the banner on a hidden <div> and the banner isn't loaded. I believe this is a feature to avoid people loading hidden banners on a page without the intention to show them. See my post #33 above.




  6. Just for my own sanity, though - given the complexity of async loading, and as Erik has mentioned, the risks it introduces in terms of cross-browser compatibility - why is it so important to you all (i.e. those +1ing above)? Why would async loading be any better than, say, putting your standard JS tags at the bottom of the page with appropriate CSS to position them?


    The link you posted is broken.


    I spent today the whole day playing with this idea. The problem here is that it only works with banners stored on our own servers. For some reason, banners coming from ad networks display blank, as if they somehow knew that we are trying to move/manipulate the banner. Maybe there is a better way to implement this idea than the one I was trying. Tips on this are welcome.


    I use single-page call, so I was playing with the OA_show(); part. Examples other people posted are not for single-page calls, so I got lost on that particular discussion.



  7. My main issue is with the rendering of our website. When banners are stored locally, everything loads ultra fast. But when we have ad network banners, where network latency is added, the delay in loading the banners makes our page to load extremely slow, as the <div> tag won't render until the image is loaded.


    Tried several different approaches, and so far I haven't come to a solution.


    If you want to help me, my website is http://www.clubedohardware.com.br

  8. Hi, just to make it clear that the huge discrepancies I was experiencing are no longer there after I purged all very old advertisers and campaigns. So I suggest you to do th same to see if the problem is gone. As explained above, now I am seeing a 2% discrepancy, which is acceptable. By the beginning of July I will post some numbers for June, and we will see how much discrepancy we are currently experiencing. Thanks!

  9. Hi Andrew,


    This level is ok, as I can always put a little extra do match what the advertisers hired. It is always good to overdeliver a bit anyway.


    It seems that pruning old advertisers and campaigns did the trick. (BTW, we use Revive since it was still called phpAdsNew. So you see what kind of pruning I did! Probably most users don't have such old installations.)


    Expect me to update this topic on July 1st with numbers from June, then we will have a "final" view on this matter. As I mentioned, it hasn't been fully 30 days since I pruned the database, so numbers for June may be more accurate.


    Stay tuned.



  10. Hi,


    It hasn't been 30 days since I deleted all old campaigns, but since I have to send PDF reports to our clients by the beginning of the month, it is a good time to get an idea of this underdelivery situation. Please see below the results so far. Next month I will post a follow-up for June.


    We are seeing a 1.5%-2.5% underdelivery rate, which is not that bad. Except for campaign #6 below, which will require further investigation.


    Campaign #1
    Amount contracted: 200,000
    Amount delivered: 180,146
    Total number of views available for this adzone: 180,844
    So, here the limitation is with the adzone, which delivered less than the amount that was contracted by the client.
    Campaign #2
    Amount contracted: 350,000
    Amount delivered: 344,239
    Total number of views available for this adzone: 3,097,155
    Underdelivery rate: 1.65%
    Campaign #3
    Amount contracted: 150,000
    Amount delivered: 144,828
    Total number of views available for this adzone: 147,254
    So, here the limitation may be with the adzone, which delivered less than the amount that was contracted by the client.
    Campaign #4
    Amount contracted: 550,000
    Amount delivered: 536,812
    Total number of views available for this adzone: 3,097,155
    Underdelivery rate: 2.40%
    Campaign #5
    Amount contracted: 180,000
    Amount delivered: 175,460
    Total number of views available for this adzone: 181,387
    Underdelivery rate: 2.52%
    Campaign #6
    Amount contracted: 160,000
    Amount delivered: 122,347
    Total number of views available for this adzone: 178,223
    Underdelivery rate: 23.5%
    The error was on my side. After investigating this further, found out that this campaign was linked to the wrong zone.
    Campaign #7
    Amount contracted: 140,000
    Amount delivered: 138,152
    Total number of views available for this adzone: 1,496,842
    Underdelivery rate: 1.32%

  11. This zone was created many years ago and has been active ever since. Maybe this is caused by very old campaigns that were deactivated but are still linked to the zone (I remember OpenX had a bug like this, which was corrected on one of the first versions of Revive).


    What is OI? You mean the maintenance script? It is running every hour, this is what we have at our crontab:


  12. Hi Andrew,


    Thanks for the prompt reply.


    No, we don't have any limitations or cap set up, other than the number of views contracted by the advertiser. In fact, on the zones of this particular campaign, we had only two campaigns running, Google AdSense as remnant and this paid campaign. The availble inventory is very high, as on this particular campaign the probability link was showing something like 45% for the paid advertising and 55% for Google AdSense.




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