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    scalemates got a reaction from adus in Cookies (new EU legislation)   
    Hi Tobean,
    I was surprised to see there is a new GDPR release giving extra control on the OAID cookie since yesterday evening
    Hope this helps. I'll try and to the upgrade this weekend. 
    Kind regards,
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    scalemates reacted to andrewatfornax in Complex Delivery Rules   
    Easier way is to use Delivery Rule Sets!
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    scalemates reacted to tobean in Cookies (new EU legislation)   
    in the future it must be possible to opt out from setting cookies in Revive adserver. In the actual release cookies seem to be set for one year. In the config file I found the option
    Is it possible to reduce this time to 1 hour (or for the actual browser session)? Or what is the reason that the cookie lives for 1 year?
    Or can I even set permCookieSeconds=0 to get rid of all cookies? I know that some feature will no longer work in this case (e.g. display the same banner more than once).
    It would be nice to get an anser from Eric or another admin because Revive will no longer be legal when the new legislation comes on may 25th.
    Best regards