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  1. Thanks. I had read the FAQ. I'm concerned about removing then reinstalling the banners plugin as we have a lot of non-html banners being served. If I uninstall the plugin I assume I'll lose what's there now. Thanks again, Ken
  2. We run a number of campaigns and none of them allow us to ad or edit html banners. All other types of banner work. We did an upgrade as well, and existing html banners can't be edited either. For example, if we click to add a new banner we end up on a link like this domain.com/www/admin/banner-edit.php?clientid=1&campaignid=1 I can choose any banner type from the dropdoan and edit it. If I choose html from the dropdown, I get redirected to the admin dashboard domain.com/www/admin/dashboard.php Any ideas why only html banners can't be added or edited? Thanks