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  1. I'm a web designer with a client who wanted to use Revive as a Self Serve Ad Buying platform across a number of sites he owns. I discovered Revive, put it on a server to test and fell in love. I have a client with a network of sites that he wanted to sell ads on. When I visited what I thought was the best-known plugin developer, I found many plugins that seemed to overlap in purpose. But I figured that I couldn't be the first to want this functionality. So I asked a question: "What plugins do I need to turn Revive into a self-service platform." I got a reply listing 4 plugins. The client approved the $240 and we waited. Instead of plugins to Revive, I received a collection of files to copy directly into the system. That should have been my first clue. I next discovered all the files were encrypted. The pages created were horribly designed and we couldn't change them. I complained and got some unencrypted files. I soon discovered the functionality was as poor as the design. I could create an ad package and you could log in and buy it. But there is no way to see what was purchased for the buyer - or the admin. I complained and got a few new files and some of them were unencrypted so I could style the pages - but there was still a lot of missing functionality. I started asking for a refund. Long story short, I was asked what the process should look like - so I laid out a simple workflow. Then I was told we would need to purchase the source code for a number 2.5 times our original investment. after at least a dozen emails I finally was told that buying the source code wasn't going to give me that functionality, instead would need to spend 10 times our original investment. I saw another post where a developer said they were unimpressed with a plugin maker. I wish I had seen it before dealing with this one. I think Revive is a great project but beware of the people trying to make money off of it with plugins that don't work.
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