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  1. My apologies, this issue is is not from the Revive codebase but from a plugin that I had purchased.
  2. Hi all, I am attempting to have a second domain run on my existing Revive setup. I copied my existing.com.conf.php -> newdomain.com.conf.php and updated the URLs I am now able to access the Revive server at newdomain.com, and the invocation tags are working properly to display the ad. The issue I am having is that when I click on a banner, I see the following error: newdomain.com: This script is locked to another domain. I've even tried to edit my default.conf.conf.php and change the 'realConfig' file to 'newdomain.com', but I'm still getting the same error on click. Just curious if I have missed something very obvious in my setup? Thank you!
  3. Hi all, My understanding is that delivery capping by default is done by setting cookies. Is it possible to instead implement delivery capping based on the user IP? Thanks!
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