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  1. Hi all, I want to display a banner if some of my HTML code meets a requirement. For example if in my HTML code <span class="topic">yes</span> contain de word yes, then display the banner. Do you know any way to do this? maybe with some Targeting Channel? Thanks,
  2. Yes @andrewatfornax, I want to say that if I have, for example, a GIF type banner, I can put the destination URL in revive. But if the banner is an iframe I can´t put the destination URL in revive, so the only choice is put on my HTML code the destination URL or doesn`t have any destination URL. I`m explain? Sorry for my english, and thanks for your help.
  3. Hi @andrewatfornax, First of all, thanks for you reply. So, if I understand well, it`s not possible count clicks if banner is an iframe? It's pretty weird this, because an Generic HTML banner type don`t have option to put a URL in revive and it`s obligatory insert the URL in my HTML code.
  4. Here more details of banner the banner i`m using: Campaing type: Remmant Generic HTML banner The banner show well and i can click but, then clicks doesn´t count in revive. Any help please?
  5. Hi, I have an iframe type banner like this: <iframe width="305" height="110" frameBorder="0" src="https://domain.es/banner_news/index.html" scrolling="no"></iframe> But revive doesn`t count clicks. Anyone can help me to see how can be the problem? Thanks
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