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  1. Linked zones and rotation weight

    Thank you. I understand it will show up in both places, but would it get the same number of impressions? Let's say if I have two separate campaigns, 1 homepage getting 100 views, second news page getting 200 views. So if instead of having them under two campaigns, I put them under one campaign and have two linked zones, would this ad get 300 views?
  2. Hello: Could somebody please clarify for me. When I have 2 linked zones (or more) to the same campaign, does that mean that same banner will be spread between the 2 zones and not show up in both? I got a request: post this ad in 2 zones and 2 rotations. When you do 1 campaign = 1 zone, it's pretty clear. But when I want to combine 2 zones under 1 campaign - not so much. My initial thought was if I add 2 zones, this will give the add 2 rotations as is since the ad will be showing up in both places at the same time. But looks like this is not the case. Should I still be putting campaign weight to "2" to get two rotations? Thank you Lena