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  1. Hi Krishnapriya: We have 10+ banners/big boxes attached/added to the same campaign on the Revive side. In our Joomla backend we are using Revive plugin/module and I set it up to show let's say 5 times on the page. However only 1 banner is showing up on the page. Ive tried all of the combinations of "Dont show a banner from the same campaign on the same page" and I cannot get more than 1 banner showing on the page. (The only thing that works is splitting the banners into different campaigns which is what we ended up doing). It would be nice to figure out why we cant show more than one banner from one campaign on the same page at the same time though. Thank you! Lena
  2. Hello: Is there a way to show multiple ads from the same campaign and same ad zone on the same page? Ive tried setting "Don't show a banner from the same campaign again on the same page" to "No", Ive tried setting it to "Yes" - it does not work. Im getting only 1 ad showing up at a time when I have 10 attached. Thank you Lena
  3. Hi, sorry, just noticed that there was a reply here. No, my trouble was different. We have quite a few sites that use Revive and sometimes I would go into the backend of the site and see the invocation code, but I did not know how to find which zone in revive is sending ads to it. I found the solution. When in Revive - enter the invocation code into the search bar and it displays the zone at the very bottom of the search results. I just never noticed it before. Thank you for your time!!
  4. Is it possible to schedule stats report somehow? Currently we go in at the beginning of every month and manually pull the stats. I would love to be able to schedule for them to automatically come to my email :) Thank you
  5. Hello: Is there a way to find/display the zone name by invocation code? I can see the invocation code in the backend of my site but it is not easy to find what the zone is. We have quite a few website that use Revive with multiple zones and multiple people posting ads. Sometimes mistakes are made and zones/sites are not properly marked and it is not always easy to find and disable the ad that should not be on the site. Or pull up all the banners linked to a specific invocation code? Thank you! Lena
  6. Thank you so much for your time and help!
  7. So basically if all the other conditions are the same (competing banners, set number of views etc.) than it does not matter whether you put 2 zones under one campaign or put each zone under a separate campaign. Thank you
  8. Thank you. I understand it will show up in both places, but would it get the same number of impressions? Let's say if I have two separate campaigns, 1 homepage getting 100 views, second news page getting 200 views. So if instead of having them under two campaigns, I put them under one campaign and have two linked zones, would this ad get 300 views?
  9. Hello: Could somebody please clarify for me. When I have 2 linked zones (or more) to the same campaign, does that mean that same banner will be spread between the 2 zones and not show up in both? I got a request: post this ad in 2 zones and 2 rotations. When you do 1 campaign = 1 zone, it's pretty clear. But when I want to combine 2 zones under 1 campaign - not so much. My initial thought was if I add 2 zones, this will give the add 2 rotations as is since the ad will be showing up in both places at the same time. But looks like this is not the case. Should I still be putting campaign weight to "2" to get two rotations? Thank you Lena
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