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  1. Hi, new users don't get the statistics :-(.
  2. That was the first I tried. , and ; and / and . and + and - and copy and paste from outlook
  3. Hello, the campaign statistics are working fine and it is send by email to the contact person of the advertiser. But now they want me so send the campaign statistics to three persons. But I can just add one email to an advertiser (in basic information). Is there a possibility? Thanks, Christian
  4. Ok, I found it. It's just a * to put in the size. So for my Skyscrapers it is * x 600px and for the banners 468 x * px. The Size with * is a free size and the banner is also put in the correkt zone, by knowing the other size.
  5. Hi, a zone is fixed to a special ad-format. So our problem is, that at the moment (without adserver) we display different ad-sizes at the same place/zone (2 zones, 4 formats = 2 formats per zone). Like Skyscraper (120x600px) and Wide-Skyscraper (160x600px) at the same place (right column), or Banner (468x60px) and Double-Banner (468x120px) at an other place (middle column). 1-3 ads per place/zone are displayed in rotation (when the site is refreshed/ new loaded). Can I combine two zones or different ad-formats? When there would be a code at the website like "choose zone 1 and 2 in rotation", then there is a problem displaying 3 adverts. So we need a code like "take zone 3" and revive has to know that this means "deliver all ads of zone 1 and 2". Thank you.
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